You stare at your blank computer, watching the blue-lit screen as the minutes fall away to a looming deadline. Your brain turns to mush. Your eyes cross. You turn to your search browser. The darker corners of Reddit? Pinterest? Inspirational Beyoncé quotes? You need something equally distracting and inspiring, but in the great void that is the internet, where do we look to reignite the spark? Enter the podcast: the modern day medium for the thinking creative person (and beyond). Think of it like getting a pep talk from a mentor, or real talk from a friend. Whether you suffer from writer’s block, self-doubt or just plain old procrastination, we’ve compiled a list of podcasts for filmmakers to help you get back on track.

1. Creative Pep Talk

Up first on our list of essential podcasts for filmmakers is Creative Pep Talk. As the name implies, the titular show is literally just that: a pep talk for creatives who are trying to making a living out of what they do. Host Andy J. Pizza covers everything from what’s blocking your creative magic, burnout, and the seasons of creativity (yes, apparently this is a thing).

Check out: Episode 129 – How To Remedy Creative Burnout

2. Ted Radio Hour

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned Ted Talk to spark up your spirit. Ted Radio Hour covers a variety of topics, including Ted’s go-to’s like self-improvement, innovation, and technology.

Check out: Episode 100: A Better You

3. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

We all know Elizabeth Gilbert as the woman behind the seminal me-generation classic Eat Pray Love, but did you know she’s also somewhat of a creative guru? Over the years she has nurtured the likes of you and me through her books, Ted Talks, and now podcast, in which she shares lessons learned through interviews with working creatives.

Check out: Episode 209 – “Show Up Before You’re Ready” featuring Glennon Doyle Melton

4. The Art of Photography

A fascinating video podcast dedicated to the craft of, you guessed it, photography. Like all great podcasts, host Ted Forbes’ advice goes beyond niche and offers useful insight into getting your best work, regardless of whether you’re a photographer or not. A must-listen on our list of podcasts for filmmakers.

Check out: Fear and Creativity

5. Hidden Brain by NPR

More often than not, human connection is a key ingredient when making art. Naturally, the more you understand humans, the better you become at connecting with our strange species. Hidden Brain is another excellent podcast from NPR that does just that by diving into the many mysteries of the human brain. To tame the beast, we must first understand it…

Check out: Episode 71 – The Fox and the Hedgehog