Here is a list of incredible short films that bring us closer to the beauty of the human spirit. These five short films will remind you of the goodness in people and the power of choices that are available to us all. The beauty of this 21st century is that our interconnectedness teaches us how we are really all the same beneath our differences and that the forces of good in our world work the same way across cultures. These short films are both uplifting and real and while they might help you be a better person, they will definitely make you a better filmmaker.

1. Shelter from the Storm

This is a short film about children in an East L.A. classroom and their extraordinary teacher Ms. Reifler. It reminds us that our children grow up with the messages we instill in them.

2. Why This Road: Chris Yacoubian

Why This Road is a short film of three about learning that we can live in extraordinary ways and at the same time give back to the world. Are you a filmmaker? Take notes!