Whether you are a seasoned filmmaker or just breaking into the craft, you’re likely to have encountered the eternal debate of which is better,  Final Cut Pro X, or Adobe Premiere?

Professional filmmakers will explain that it really depends on the person and/or project, but for those who are stuck in software purgatory, we are here to offer some objective assistance.

Keep in mind there are pros and cons to both, not to mention a plethora of rivalling alternative programs, but ultimately the argument remains locked between the two.

Final Cut Pro X: The Good

Mac Friendly

If you are a die hard Mac user who would rather spontaneously combust than use anything else, then look no further. Priced at just $399 CAD, it is a relatively affordable option that offers perks like saved battery life due to its exclusive Mac compatibility.

User-Friendly Interface

The FCPX easy-to-use interface makes it a great starting point for beginners, and with each new update comes more editing tools, such as milt-cam editing and additional colour options when using the role editor.


With a 64-bit application, FCPX has been praised for its quick rendering time, which is neatly done in the background as you continue to work on your project. If you’re looking to upload directly to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. this is a huge bonus.